Thursday, 16 March 2017

Can Genes decide your future?

Can Genes really make someone better than the rest of people?
Gattaca and House Of The Scorpion are two different worlds and two different stories. They are still the same in lots of ways. Somethings that are the same is how they treat people because of their genes. You can see that Vincent is very smart and has been studying for a long time but they won’t accept him. He says something like this at the start “it doesn’t matter how much I study I won’t get in because of my genes. Even though Vincent can’t get in he is very smart. So what he does are changes himself to look like he is someone better than him. Then he gets in because he looks like someone smarter. In House Of The Scorpion Matt was sort of the same. Lots of people didn’t like him just because he was a clone. When he went to the plankton factory all of the kids didn’t like clones so he had to hide who he really was so the kids didn’t treat him as well. When Matt at the start was standing up for the keepers said that matt was a clone once the kids realized that they started to stop sticking up for Matt. Also in the house, you can see Matt getting treated worse than anyone else Tom makes fun of him and maria thinks that he has no soul and if they date that she would go to hell just because he is a clone.

Some of the similarities that Matt and Vincent have is that everyone feels that there better than them. Anton Vincent’s brother always thought that he was better and was always better at everything like when they went swimming Anton would always win but eventually Vincent won showing he was better. Anton still thought that he was better because of his genes later in the future but Vincent still showed that he was better and superior to him even though his genes didn’t show that. In The House Of The Scorpion you can see that people don’t like clones and think there not human but Tam Lin Tells Matt that no one can see the difference between clones and humans and that there is no difference just like Vincent. Matt was more welcomed when they knew he wasn’t a clone or the kids called him a zombie. You can see the same thing with Vincent when he is known as Jerome everybody likes him but when they figure out that he's Vincent they would kick him out because he isn’t normal even though he is still just as smart and just as fit as him. So it doesn't matter what your genes show it matters how smart you really are and  Genes can't decide your future.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ayslum Seekers In Canada

 Since Donald Trump has anybody wondered how much refugees are there? Well I'mm gonna tell you. In the book, Matt is trying to cross the border to get to a safer place. There are lots of people who do this in real life. Like asylum hunters, these people are illegal refugees who sneak into a country and seek asylum’s causing them to have protection in the country. Then they make a formal application to have the right to remain in the country. This is kind of what Matt did because once he crossed the border he got shelter from the orphanage. This is a real problem in the real world 3.2 million people are asylum seekers and all of them try to get into the country illegally. there are also some asylum seekers in Canada. In Hungary, they are putting asylum seekers in border camps in Hungary and the border patrol is trying to stop this. This is affecting humans there because they wanna have a better life like Matt but they are getting stopped by the border patrol and like matt from the farm patrol.   In the book, they are obviously trying to refer to the farm patrol as the border patrol because they basically do the exact same thing. coyote also referring to the practice of people smuggling across the Us or Mexico border. These people are in real life and now are becoming more of an issue because of trump. The coyotes now need to sneak more people into the USA since trumps new rules and now lots of people are using these type of people. Some of these coyotes only care about their personal needs and some of these coyotes can put your family or you in a very bad situation. some coyotes make lots of money and only care about their personal needs sometimes leaving you in the middle of know were if they might get caught. Celia was brought in from a coyote and was crossed by a coyote. Asylum seekers usually don’t use a coyote because they can usually get across the border by using illegal documents to get into an asylum. Causing them to be safe until the documents expire so they can stay in the country that they want to. Asylum seekers can only stay in the country for a little bit. Overall immigrants are a big problem and refugees seeking in because of trump hoped you liked my blog post 5

Monday, 6 March 2017

world views in house of the scorpion

Have you ever thought that characters in books have worldviews?

I think that matt has many different worldviews. one of the first ones is equality with others. I think Matt connects to this because he is a clone. Clones in this world aren’t considered human but are actually considered the live stock. Since they were born from a cow causing people to think he isn’t human. So Matt isn’t treated the same as everyone else and people thinks he has no soul and is considered as a human. Other people in the family are more important than Matt like El Patron. Matt wanted to give away some of El Patron's stuff but when Matt mentions that El Patron gets very mad. El patron thinks that he deserves all of the gold. El patron told Matt that he thinks that he is like a god. He thinks this because he owns all of the opium and built up his empire

Another worldview that I think connects to matt is sources of ethical wisdom. When Matt is sent to the hospital because El Patron was dying he thought that El patron is evil for using him as an organ donor. He thought that this was horrible and evil and that El Patron doesn’t deserve his heart and that's evil. But El patron thinks that he deserves it since his family died so he thinks that he is naturally good

I also think this connects to the the view of the good life. I think this connects to it because well bringing up that subject again of the heart implant Matt thought that he was good but thought El Patron was good. Later on, though Matt starts having grief and thinking that he is evil and thought El patron was good showing that some of his worldviews are changing in the book from who is telling who is good and who's bad. You could see somebody as evil from the start and what their plans are. Once they start explaining their plans though you could start seeing them as less as evil. For example, in some movies, you can see the person is evil like in kings man you think that the guy is evil but once he explains people start going on his side because they think that they are good. So there are lots of worldview in this book and everyone has a different worldview and everyone in the book thinks different.

Monday, 27 February 2017

What Is Education

Have you ever wondered what education is?

Education is something that makes you smarter. Education is the stuff you learn and know about. Some ways people can get an education is by going to a school, library, and museum. Some ways are by getting a book and reading about it or going to a museum and reading about old ancient stuff or about the history of your country and another way is by reading books about the past or watching a documentary or stuff like that or getting taught by a teacher at school about math or social.

To talk a little bit more about education and what it is. Education is something that makes you become smarter. You can not get enough of education. Education also helps you in knowing your country more and the world. Like matt when he starts learning out about the poppies and the opium.  Education also lets you figure out about what the history of your country and what the people were like before you were born. Also, teachers taught you about this. Like how Tam Lin taught matt and so did Celia and el patron. You can also get an education from a teacher like what matt did on page 71 and in chapter 7. Matt also learns about his back story when he gets that one book from Tam Lin. He learns about how his country was 100 years ago and what happened to Mexico. He also learned more about El Patron how he was one of the most wealthy men in the world. He also learns about opium because his teacher started teaching about it and how it was a drug and how it was used. Like how the bottle of liquor was so powerful and could knock somebody for so long. This type of information can really help and education gives this to you to make you safer. Education can make you safer to by helping you figure out what is safe or dangerous. Say there was the alcohol that was poisonous Matt may have drank it if he didn’t know about it and could’ve killed him. Since he was educated he knew not to drink this causing him to live. There have been lots of times this has happened in the real world when people drink stuff that's not safe. So usually education is a very good thing that can help you in lots of things like how ti be smarter and whats dangerous or not.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

The House Of The Scorpion

I so far think that this is a decent book and interesting.I like how unique the idea the story is. This story makes you think deeper into a different type of world sort of. It make you think into a different world because it looks like the world has changed. The back of the book says “a country called Opium between the united states and was once Mexico”. so I'm what happened and why did the name change but thats just a little question I have so far. I also have another question why was mateo cloned of El Patron. A concept I have is maybe they want a Matt  to take over the drug business when El Patron dies. Some other evidence is that El Patron is very old and Matteo was cloned and born when El Patron was 137. So I think that Matt was cloned so he could become the next big drug lord of opium.

I like the characters because there interesting like Matt,Rosa,Celia and Matt. I think that there all interesting enough to like and keep you interested. Matt is very interesting like how he was cloned and has a very interesting back story. Im still wondering why out of all 36 only Matt survived maybe was there something special about his embryo. So I'm still wondering why Matt was the only one who survived. 

what my actual thoughts are in the book. I think that is a creative idea to make a book like this and there is not much other books like this. It has a good plot and good characters some of them you actually care about. In some books some of the characters just aren’t interesting enough to keep you interested but in this book they are all interesting. there is also lots of drama in this book.Like how fur ball was killed and everyone was blaming matt or how he forced maria to kiss him.

Friday, 10 February 2017

 I feel good about the novel because I think it's gonna be a good book and I'm gonna dig deeper when reading it and I think its gonna be a good book. I think I am most excited about reading the book because I think that it is gonna be a very good book. I am nervous about trying to keep up because I am a pretty slow reader so I think I might fall behind so I'm gonna try to not do that while reading this book

Friday, 2 December 2016

Disney is one of the best movie companies and a really good thing and this wouldn't exist if it wasn't for whimsical ideas. future. If it wasn't for creative ideas do you think Disney would be here or Bill Gates and Steve jobs? All the things I just listed here would not be possible if it wasn't for creative ideas. Imagine the world without computers or laptops and the internet. Imagine the world without fantasy and books and creativity. If there were none of that, kids would be less smar tand our generation wouldn’t expand as much.

Creativity can help you in many wayss. It helps you in making friends by having a more open mind and being nicer. That can help by including more people. Being more creative and helps you in school by making long-term goals and completing them. being creative also helps you in reading and writing and math problems and coming up with ideas in science. Some very smart people were creative to like Albert einstein and Thomas Edison and Stephen Hawkins. You think they could have made all of their theories without  creativity. If we didn’t have creativity Stephen hawking's wouldn’t come up with the black hole theory and sites say to make ideas you need creativity. Creativity helps in math to can help you in solving problems and creating problems and coming up with different ways to solve ideas. Albert Einstein was one of the.smartest people in the world and very good at math and his theories help with atoms and lots of math equations and solving lots of math theories. A quote from Thomas Edison you “need to percent inspiration and 90 percent desperation which means you still need some creativity to make inventions and succeed in life”.

when you’re a kid creativity is a good thing and not a bad thing sure focus on your work but always focusing on your work is a bad thing. You can lose sleep and get frustrated and always think you need to do the best Albert Einstein. Wasn’t that great in school but look at him he has made lots of theories and lots of new accomplishments in this generation. Even if this world didn't have creativity there would be no electricity or light bulb. Creativity isn't all learning it's also affects your attitude and your mood and friends. Remember it helps you make more friends. It also helps you in your mood makes you more happy and energetic. So overall I definitely think that kids shouldn't be limited to whimsical ideas for all the reasons above.